How to Turn On an Out-of-Office Auto-Reply in Your Gandi Admin

You can set up an auto reply to emails you receive to your Gandi account in your Gandi interface. This is useful if you will be away from your office for some time and want to let people know that you are not able to reply immediately.


You must not set up an out-of-office reply in your Gandi admin and your SOGO webmail at the same time.


An out-of-office reply will not work if the email address is an alias on another mailbox, or if the email redirects to a different address.

To set up an auto-reply, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gandi account.

  2. Click “Domains” in the side menu bar.

  3. Click the domain associated with the email address that needs an out-of-office reply.

  4. Choose the “Email” tab.

  5. Click the green pencil icon next to the email address.

  6. Click on “Manage” next to “Out-of-office reply”.

  7. Click the toggle button so that the status says “Enabled”.

  8. Specify a start and end date for your out-of-office reply.

  9. Type the message you want to send.

  10. Click “Submit” to activate your out-of-office reply.