How to Import Email Into a Gandi Email Mailbox

Gandi Mail Import allows you to import the contents of an external email into a mailbox hosted by Gandi. You can find it here.


This process will copy the contents of the external mailbox into the Gandi mailbox. Nothing will be done to the originating mailbox, and so after the import there will be copies of the email in both mailboxes. For directions on performing any actions on the external mailbox you will need to contact the provider of that mailbox.

You will need to provide the login and password for both the source and the destination mailboxes. You may also be asked to provide the names of each imap server if we are unable to automatically detect it.

In most cases the imap server will be something like “” To find the name of the imap server for email not hosted by Gandi, contact the provider of that email.

Gandi rarely asks for external passwords, and we assure you that your password will not be stored on our servers. It will only be passed to the imapsync tool to execute the import, then deleted.

After you start the migration you can monitor the progress of the import by either keeping the page open, or by bookmarking the progress page and returning later.