General Questions

Does Gandimail support DKIM?

No, Gandimail does not support DKIM.

If you use Gandi’s DNS however, you are free to add the TXT zone file record needed to add the necessary “_domainkey” TXT entry for your domain. You would then need to see with your outgoing email provider concerning the configuration of their mail server for the service.

Can use a forwarding address as a “from:” or “reply-to” address in my email client?

Technically, yes, but you may encounter problems with some email not being received when sending “from” a forwarding address. Since it is not technically possible for email to originate from a forwarding address, such messages are considered by some mail servers to be “spoofed” and therefore block them.

You may therefore find it easier to replace or supplement the forwarding addresses with an actual mailbox (with aliases, if necessary), then configure your email client to be able to send and receive from that address.

Do I have to buy hosting to use Gandi Mail?

You can use Gandi Mail with your domain regardless of what type of hosting you have. You can even use it without having any hosting at all, though you may want to upgrade one or more mailboxes to Premium ones, depending of your usage.

Do I have to use Gandi’s DNS to use Gandi Mail?

No. You just need to be sure you have our MX records in place.

@ 10800 IN MX 50 fb.mail.gandi.net.
@ 10800 IN MX 10 spool.mail.gandi.net.

How can I change mail servers ?

If you are using Gandi’s LiveDNS, you need to update the “MX” record entries that are in your domains DNS records, by replacing them with the ones that your new email provider gives you.

Can I use Gandi Mail with an external domain?

No. GandiMail can not be used with a domain not registered with Gandi.

Using GandiMail from several locations (pc/phone/tablet)

I’m always on the go and read emails on various computers, phones etc. but something is not working!

People are frequently on the go, reading emails on their smartphones, on their tablet computers, back at the office, and when they come home. Problems can occur (missing emails at one location, problems in sorting mails, etc.), however if you have not designed the “system” to work this way…

In a word, the solution is: IMAP

IMAP is an email protocol that leaves messages on the server, and is designed so that you can access your email from multiple locations. (The ‘opposite’ of this is POP, which should only be used when you read emails on one computer).

Concretely, you will want to be sure that everything that you use to read your emails (ex. iPhone, iPad, home/work PC) are all set up to access your emails using IMAP. If even one of your computers in your personal ‘network’ use POP, this will cause problems in consulting your emails in the other locations. All the more so if you have your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) set up to download messages from the server!

How do I write a ruby action script to work with Gandimail?

(Contributed by Guillaume F.)

This is an example ruby action script with the proper settings for use with Gandimail:

ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
       :address => "mail.gandi.net",
       :port => 587,
       :authentication => :login,
       :user_name => 'USERNAME',
       :password => 'PASSWORD',

Where can I find a mail’s full headers?

There are almost as many ways of obtaining message headers as there are email clients, so it may be best to search the web for “how to view message headers in [your email application, i.e. Apple Mail or Thunderbird]”.

For example, in English, in the current version of Thunderbird, you can see the full headers by clicking on your email in question, then on “View” in the navigation menu, and then find “Headers” and select “All”


What is the URL format to use to configure Thunderbird/Lightning?

The form is like this (replace the generic info in the example with those of your specific account):

Note too that a connector exists for Thunderbird at https://sogo.nu/download.html#/frontends

Error Messages

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable

If you see an error like “554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] blocked you may be infected” this error message is displayed because the internet gateway (identified by the public IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) that you were using when sending your email is blacklisted by Spamhaus Project due to a high probability of spam, as you can see on the following report:


Consequently the sending of emails from that IP address has been temporarily blocked.

Spamhaus Project is a tool used by Gandi to assess the trustworthiness of emails that travel through our platform. Put simply, Spamhaus Project allows us to know if the IP address used when sending your email is considered as being reliable or not. In your case, your sending is not deemed reliable, and the transmission of email is therefore blocked in order to avoid any risk of the sending of spam to others.

In accordance with Gandi’s values and commitments, including binding contractual provisions, made with regard to the GandiMail service, the use of this service relies at no point on the study of your private communications’ content and only aims at enhancing our customers and platform’s security by mitigating service abuse and spam risks.

Here is some useful information for

  1. Requesting the unblocking of the public IP address by Spamhaus Project

The public IP address is blocklisted. You or your IT team therefore needs to follow the process as outlined on the Spamhaus Project website.

To do this, click on the “CBL” link present in the report on the page presented in the above link. After the captcha verification, you will see a detailed report for this public IP address, and the reasons for it being blocked. This information will be useful for identifying the source of the potential network internal breaches and to correct them.

Once these problems have been corrected, you will have the opportunity to request the delisting of the public IP address (via the “Remove” button on the bottom of the page).

Please note that if the security issues are not addressed and you still use the same setup and configuration (including the IP address), you will find yourself in the same situation a few days later.

  1. Use a temporary solution:
  • You can use one of our webmails to send/receive email: (https://sogo3.gandi.net/ or https://webmail.gandi.net/) or
  • You can configure your email application (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc) so that it uses the SMTP (outgoing mail server) of your internet provider to send emails. Here is a link that can help you know what the SMTP servers are of the major internet providers (you will need to use the one that you use for your internet connection):