Gandi Reseller

A reseller account at Gandi is useful if you are a company that needs to register and manage domain names for your customers.

If you are unsure about the differences between a reseller account and an organization, and which is right for you, see our list of differences between resellers and organizations.

There is no fee required in having a reseller account

The advantage of doing this through a reseller account is that you can:

  • Have a global view over all your customers’ domains
  • View, manage, and consolidate your customers’ accounts
  • Create domain names from your reseller organization, and define your customer as the domain’s owner
  • Be sent notifications for your customers. Your customers will not have direct contact with Gandi
  • Have direct tier 2 and telephone support with reseller specialists

You can also see the reseller services and advantages provided by Gandi on .

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