What Are the Limits of Gandi’s Email Service?

The following lists some technical limitations of Gandi’s email service:

  • Maximum number of mailboxes: 2 free, 1000 for an additional subscription fee per mailbox

  • Maximum number of forwarding addresses: 1000

  • Maximum number of recipients per email when using a mail client: 40

  • Maximum number of recipients per email when using Roundcube or SOGo webmail: 15

  • Maximum number of alias addresses: Unlimited

  • Maximum mailbox storage: 3 GB per mailbox

  • Maximum auto reply emails: Once per day per email receipient. An optional “extended absence” is also available in our SOGo webmail interface.

  • Minimum password length: 8 characters with 2 digits and 2 special characters, or 16 characters without

  • Maximum password length: 200 characters

  • Maximum attachment size: 25 MB in POP and IMAP, Emails recieved with greater an attachment greater than 25MB will be rejected and the sender will be notified.

  • Mailbox storage space warning: When more than 95% of available storage space has been used a warning will be sent to the domain technical contact.

  • Emails at Subdomains: We currently do not offer email addresses on subdomains, such as email@subdomain.example.com.


Gandi mailboxes are designed for standard email use. Any use outside this scope (especially for mass email campaigns) may result in the suspension of the mailbox.