The Benefits of Becoming a Gandi Reseller

There are many reasons to offer Gandi products to your customers.

First, we have flexible tools that allow you to interact with Gandi in the way that makes sense for your business. To learn which methods are right for you you can check out our use cases and our chart explaining the differences between sharing an organization account and becoming an official Gandi reseller.

Some tools that are available to all our customers, whether or not they have signed up as an official reseller, include:

  • API - You can use our rest API to integrate Gandi functionality into your own platform.

  • Organizations - Gandi’s organization sharing allows you to work as a team to manage products while limiting access to specific functionalities to the people you choose.

  • A wide range of products - These include domain names, SSL certificates, web hosting, and more.

  • Flexible billing options - We support a large number of payment options, so you can use the one that meets your needs.

If you decide to become an official Gandi reseller and use our reseller interface you can also receive these benefits:

  • Discounted pricing - You become eligible for increasingly lower price rates as your volume of purchases go up. If you are planning to start a big sales push, you can get into contact with support to see if we can temporarily lower your rate to help you be profitable as soon as possible.

  • Set your own prices for your customers - Gandi allows you to set the prices you feel are best for your customers. You can decide what profit margin makes sense for you, or if you can also offer customers our products as a part of a bigger package.

  • Phone support - As a reseller you have access to our phone support, which is only offered to resellers, key users, and corporate subscribers who opt to pay for the upgrade.

  • Specialized user support - As a reseller you also have access to specialized support for resellers. We work to get you the support you need so you can give your customers the best support possible.

  • Reseller management interface - You can use our reseller interface to manage customers and products, complete with great tools to help you manage many domains effectively.

  • Gandi’s free services and products - Products we offer for free to our users, you can also provide for free to your customers.

The pages below give more information about what we offer. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or if you want help figuring out the best ways we can help meet your needs.

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