What’s the Difference between Setting Up an Organization and Becoming a Gandi Reseller?

With Gandi, you have two options when working with clients. You may choose to become a Gandi reseller and be the primary point of contact for your clients for managing their products. Or, you may wish to set up an organization where you can share access to Gandi functionality with your clients and work together as a team. If you are not sure which program is the best fit for you, please consider the list below.

You can also learn more by reading about the benefits of becoming a reseller or sharing products using organizations.

Gandi Reseller Program

Gandi Organizations

Dedicated account interface specifically designed for managing the products of many clients at once. Clients do not have an account with Gandi and instead work directly with the reseller to manage products.

Dedicated account interface specifically designed so organization owners can create teams and give different levels of permissions for each team. Each individual has his or her own personal account and can be a member of multiple organizations and teams.

Your reseller account can also create teams and use permissions to give coworkers access to your company’s account. Clients will not be a part of these teams nor have any permissions on your reseller account.

With one individual account you can create or be a member of many organizations, which means you can have a different organization for each client. Clients added to these organizations will only have access to that organization and not any other organizations you have made, nor your personal account.

Special access to support for resellers. While clients go directly to the reseller for support, Gandi provides fast-tracked support to resellers so they can give their clients the support they need.

Anyone with an individual account can get support directly from Gandi. Organization administrators can use permissions to limit what changes a team member can make to an account.

Gandi’s API allows Resellers to build Gandi functionality directly into their business website, free from any Gandi labelling. Customers are able to gain access to Gandi products and functionality without having to interface directly with Gandi.

Team members are able to log into their own individual Gandi account and manage products directly with Gandi’s interface based on ther permissions they have been granted.

When buying products, as a reseller you can specify whether the owner will be your own business or one of your clients. Clients cannot purchase any products directly from Gandi.

Any products purchased belong to the organization, not the individual. You can use permissions to specify who can purchase additional products and which methods they can use to pay for those products.

Resellers are able to renew products on behalf of their clients. Clients are not able to renew directly with Gandi, though a reseller can use our API to make it so customers can renew through the reseller’s website.

Any team member with the appropriate permissions can renew products. You can also use teams to specify who receives renewal reminders.

Resellers can release clients, which will transfer that client’s products to its own Gandi organization. That client will then no longer appear in the reseller’s client list and the customer will have access to his or her own Gandi account.

An organization can transfer management of products by adding or removing members of its teams, including the owner team. You can remove yourself from an organization you created without deleting the organization (though you will want to make sure your client has access to the organization before you leave).

There is no cost to set up a reseller account. The reseller can receive discounted pricing on products based on the volume of products purchased through the reseller’s account.

There is no cost to set up an organization account. The organization can receive discounted pricing on products based on the volume of products purchased through that organization’s account.