How to Release Domain Names from Your Reseller Account

Releasing domain names is useful if your customer wants to manage their domains directly at Gandi. Note that in performing this action, you are no longer the reseller of the domains.

There are two ways for you to release your customers’ domains: releasing the customer and all of their products, or transfering a particular domain out of your account.

Releasing all Products

If you need to release a customer and all of their products from your reseller account, you can follow the instructions for releasing a customer. Releasing a customer will automatically release all their products.

Transfer a specific domain

To transfer a single domain name outside of your management as a reseller, it is necessary for your customer to launch a domain name transfer operation, just as if they were transferring the domain from another registrar.

In preparation for this transfer you should do the following:

  • For some extensions, provide your customer with the domain’s authorization code.

  • Make sure the transfer lock is disabled for the domain name.

You can do both of these from the management page for the domain. You can find this page by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Gandi account.

  2. Select “Domain” from the left menu.

  3. Select the domain you wish to transfer from the list.

  4. Click on the “Transfer Out” tab.

From here you can find the transfer authorization code and disable tranfer lock.

During the transfer process, we will create a new account for the customer (one that they can manage on their own).