Organize Your Domains for Resellers

When viewing the list of domains you manage you can display the list in table view or list view. Table view and list view both have some additional options that make them a particularly useful organizational tool for resellers. You can switch between table view and list view follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Gandi account.
  2. Select “Domain” from the left menu.
  3. Next to the search bar you will see a label that will say “List View” or “Table View.” Click on this button to switch between the two views.

List View

List View is the simpler of the two views. While it has less options, it is easier to use. Some of the things you can do in list view are:

  • Renew domains with a single click.
  • View domains by organization by selecting an organization from the “Organization” drop down menu.
  • Sort by expiration date or alphabetically by clicking the options next to “Sort By.”

Table View

Table view is more complex to use, but displays more information and has more options. The following sections explain how to use these features.

Search Filters

Search filters allow you to display only domains that match certain criteria. You can add search filters by clicking “Add Search Filters.”

Search options include: - Extension - Organization - Tag - Owner - Transfer lock stuatus - Nameservers type - Expiration date (specify date range)

Once you have entered your search options select “Apply” to see the list of domains which match that criteria. Select “Clear” to remove the search filter.

Management Menu

In table view you can click on the three dots to the right of the domain to see actions that can be performed on those domains from the list. These management options include:

  • Manage (opens the domain overview)
  • Renew
  • Remove transfer lock
  • Apply a configuration template (read more about these here)
  • Tags (read more about these here)


In table view, you can use tags to further organize your domains. These tags will also show up in list view, though you can only edit them in table view. You can read more about these tags here.

Configuration Templates

Configuration templates allow you to save DNS records, nameserver settings, and email options and apply them to any chosen domain name. Configuration templates are another tool that are especially useful for resellers, or anyone who manages a large number of domain names. You can read more about them here.