Frequent Questions: Billing

Why was my payment rejected?

If you get an automated cancellation mail like this:

Our payment system has rejected your payment, and we are unable to
complete your order 1234567.

Consequently, the order has been canceled, and your account has not
been debited.


Please contact our customer care team for assistance without delay. The problem is due to our system rejecting your payment for some reason, and so we need to see with you on an individual basis to resolve the problem.

Can you send me an invoice?

Though we do not send out paper invoices, you may obtain, at any time, a duplicate of invoices pertaining to domains for which you are or have been the administrative or billing contact.

To do this, please log into to the account or organization that paid for the order, and then, from the “Billing” section, click on “History”.

From there you can see all your invoices from 2016 onwards. Click on the arrow to the right of the invoice to view it.

How can I modify my invoice?

Our invoices are addressed to the username or organization that paid for the operation at checkout.

Once created, to request an invoice modification, please see with customer support.

How can I have an invoice addressed to a company?

In order for your invoices to be addressed to your company, you can select or create the organization to invoice at checkout prior to paying.

Can I have a pro forma invoice before payment?

At the payment phase following checkout, you have the possibility of paying later.

This will then generate a pro forma invoice, that you can see in the “Billing” → “Orders” page. When you are ready to pay and launch the operation, you can do so by clicking on the pending payment order on that page.

Can I have my invoice in PDF format?

We don’t offer invoices in PDF format yet, but you can print/save it to file.

For this, from the “Billing” → “History” page on the account or organization that paid for the operation, select the invoice you want to print.

Once you see the invoice on the screen, click on the print icon in the corner and print dialog on your computer. Often, there will be an option to “print to PDF,” “save to PDF,” or “print to file”.

Waiting for payment but paid via PayPal

If the status of your order remains waiting for payment for an unusually long time, but you paid via PayPal, it means that you have placed your order on our website but for some reason we have not received funds from your PayPal account.

This may be because:

  • There were insufficient funds in your PayPal account when you launched your order,
  • A technical problem occurred

If you encounter such a situation, our support team will tell you to cancel the order in progress from your orders in progress page, and try again. The problem was temporary, and this will solve nearly every such incident.

Alternatively, once you cancel the stalled order, you can start over but choose to pay by another means (such as credit card).