How to transfer a domain to Gandi

Below is the step-by-step process for transferring a domain name to Gandi:

1. Prepare your domain name for transfer at its current registrar

Be sure that you have:

  • Unlocked your domain name for transfer (if applicable)
  • Obtained the authorization code of the domain name (if applicable)

2. Choose the domain(s) to transfer

From the “Transfer” button on your domain dashboard, or go directly to and log in with your username (or create an account if it’s your first time at Gandi).

Enter the domain, or domains, to transfer in the form provided on the page.

When you click on the magnifying-glass icon, our system will then see if the domain(s) may be transferred to Gandi. You will either see a green checkmark icon and a transfer link, or a red error indicator and a reason the domain can not be transferred at that time.

Click on “transfer” next to the domain that is transferable to add it to your shopping cart, and then “checkout” at the top of the page to proceed to checkout and launch the transfer.

3. Submit your order

In your shopping cart, you will see some important information about the transfer you are about to launch.

  • The authorization code: You will need to provide us with the domain’s authorization code to launch the transfer. This must be obtained from the domain’s current provider (but is not necessary for all extensions). To add it, click on the gear icon to the right.

  • The domain’s Owner: This indicates the name of the domain’s owner that you would like to attribute to the domain once it arrives at Gandi. To specify the desired owner, click on the pen icon to edit the owner contact information.

  • You can choose to use a custom technical configuration at this step if you want to specify new nameservers or DNS records at the time of your transfer.


    By default, unless you have changed this, we will keep your current domain name settings during the transfer to Gandi. If you choose to keep the domain’s settings unchanged, please be aware that if your former registrar/web host stops their DNS service once the domain leaves their services, then your domain will be offline.

When you submit this information, our contact wizard will check to see if the contact information that you provide meets the registry requirements for the extension, and will tell you what to fix. Learn more about our contact wizard.

4. Accept the confirmation e-mail(s)

Once your order has been placed and we have received your payment, you will receive one (if the email addresses are the same, for ex.) or two authorization emails which must be confirmed.

When applicable a mail is sent:

  • For gTLD (.com, .net, etc.) a mail is sent to the email address of the administrative contact in the whois,
  • to the email address corresponding to the username of the new owner at Gandi.

Once confirmed, the transfer can proceed to the finalization step,

5. Transfer finalization

Once the transfer of the domain name to Gandi has been successful, we send an invitation email to the email address of the future owner at Gandi.

The owner must accept a final invitation email before the domain will be visible in their list of domains

During this step, you will be able to choose to import the domain to an existing Gandi v5 account (if the name and email address is the same between that account, and the information of the domain’s owner) or to make it visible to a new account.


If you do not perform this step, you will not be able to see or manage the domain name.