Configuration Templates

Configuration templates are a way for you to create and save specific settings for your domains at Gandi and apply them in bulk, by default, or for specific operations.

For example, configuration templates allow you to apply a set of standard DNS records to a large number of domains at once, or whenever you purchase a new domain name.

Configuration templates are similar to how you were able to share zone files in the classic version of Gandi’s website.

Finding Your Templates

The following section describe the different ways of finding and editing the configuration template applied to a domain.

From the Domain Overview Page

When you go to an individual domain’s page, a list of templates which have been applied to that domain can be seen in the box to the right of “Domain Configuration”.

If no templates have been applied, you can select “Apply a Template” to apply a template to that domain.

If you have already applied templates you can select “View Details” to see which configurations were applied. You can also select “Apply another configuration”.

From the Domain List Page

When viewing your list of domains in “table view”, select one or more domain names by checking the box to the left of them.


By editing configurations from the domain list in table view you can edit the configurations of a large number of domains at once.

You can find table view by logging in to your account, choosing “Domain” from the left menu, then in the search bar above the list click “Table view”. If the “Table view”” button is dark blue then you are already in table view.

After you check one or more domains, you will see an options bar at the bottom of the page. Clicking “Apply a configuration” will take you to the template configuration page.

During the Order Process

During the checkout process you will be able to select a configuration template to apply to the domains being purchased.

In the first step of the checkout process for a domain name click “View domain configuration.” You will then have the option to change the configuration used. If you have not chosen a default preference, we will apply Gandi’s default configuration.

Click on “Change” to change the configuration template you want to apply to the domain.

To use the same configuration template for future purchases check “Apply this configuration to my future registrations” before you apply the configuration.

Creating a Template

After using any of the three processes above you will be brought to the same screen. From this screen you can select an existing template or create a new template.

Select Configuration or Create New Configuration

If you want to select an existing template click “Select configuration”. Click on the drop down menu below to choose which template you want to use.

If you select one of Gandi’s automatically generated templates you will not be able to make any changes. If you choose a template you have already created you will have the option to change settings using the lower part of the form. Any options you change after selecting an existing template will become the new settings for that template.

To create a new template, click on “Create new configuration”. You will be asked to specify a name for your template.

Whether you select an existing template or choose to create a new template, you will have the same configuration options available.

Configuration Options

In the configuration template you have the ability to set the following options:

Nameservers & DNS Records You can choose between using Gandi’s LiveDNS or custom nameservers.. If you choose to use Gandi LiveDNS you can also specify DNS records.
Web Forwarding You can set up web forwarding. This can be useful when you have several domains you want to forward to a single address.
Email You can choose up to two standard mailbox names, such as “contact”, that will be used to create an email address for each domain name that uses the configuration.

To add any of these section to your template click on the box near the bottom of page to activate the section in the form.

After you are done editing a section click “Done.”

When your configuration is ready click “Apply” to apply the configuration.