Configuration Templates

Configuration templates are a great way for you to create and save specific settings for your domains at Gandi, and apply them in bulk, by default, or for specific operations.

For example, configuration templates allow you to apply a set of standard DNS records to apply to a large number of domains at once, similar to how you were able to share zone files in the classic version of Gandi’s website.

How to Access Your Templates

There are several ways that you can access your configuration template. You can do so in an individual domain’s overview page, directly from your list of domains, or when you are placing an order.

From the Domain Overview Page

When you go to an individual domain’s page, a list of templates which have been applied to that domain can be seen in the box to the right of “Domain Configuration”. If no templates have been applied, you can select “Apply a Template” to apply a template to that domain. If you have already applied templates you can select “View Details” to see which configurations were applied. You can also select “Apply another configuration”.

From the Domain List Page

When viewing your list of domains in “table view”, select one or more domain names by checking the box to the left of them.


By editing configurations from the domain list in table view you can edit the configurations of a large number of domains at once.

You can find table view by logging in to your account, choosing “Domain” from the left menu, then in the search bar above the list click “Table view”. If you do not see a link for “List view” only this means you are already in table view. The most obvious distinguishing feature of table view is a series of checkboxes appearing next to each domain name.

After you check one or more domains, you will see an options bar at the bottom of the page. Clicking “Apply a configuration” will take you to the template configuration page.

To select domains that fit a particular criteria you can use the search options to limit your list to specified criteria then click the checkbox that appears in the header to select all domains that currently appear in the list.

During the Order Process

When you are in the process of ordering a domain name registration or transfer, you will be presented with the ability to access your configuration templates during the checkout process.

During the second step (“shopping cart”), we display the template that will be used for the domains.

By default, we leave the template as-is (ex. Gandi’s default configuration for creations, and leaving them unchanged for incoming transfers), unless you have changed the default preference already.

However, by clicking on the “change” link that you see on the right of the name of the configuration template that will be applied to the domains, you can access the page where you can change the configuration.

What You Can Do with Templates

When you choose to apply a configuration to a domain, you will have the following options.

Select a Configuration

You can choose to use:

  • No change to the configuration: In the event of domain name transfers, this will keep the current settings. WARNING Choosing this may cause your domain to be offline if your old registrar or web host stops DNS service when your domain leaves them.
  • Gandi’s default configuration: to be sure that your domain names include everything they need to work with our services
  • + Create a new configuration: this option allows you to make a custom settings template that you can save and use when you want
  • An existing configuration template that you made and saved earlier, by choosing its name from the list

New Configuration

To make and save your own custom domain name configuration template:

  • Specify a name for your template: This will make it easier for your to find your template again and reuse it.
  • Nameservers: Choose to use Gandi’s LiveDNS, or custom nameservers.
  • DNS Records: If you are using Gandi’s LiveDNS, you have the choice of either using Gandi’s DNS records, or you can specify your own, by clicking on Custom.
  • Web forwarding: You can use the template to automatically set up forwards to a specified address.
  • Email: You can specify up to two standard email addresses to add to your template.

Use as a Default

By checking the box “Apply this configuration to my future purchases”, next time you perform a domain name registration or transfer, we will offer the template you have just created or chosen by default in your shopping cart.

You can change it later by clicking on “change” in your shopping cart.