General Questions about Email at Gandi

Why can’t I send email?

Go here for some help figuring out why you are not able to send email.

Why can’t I receive email?

Go here for some help figuring out why you are not receiving email.

How can I enable or disable anti-spam protection on my account?

You can enable and disable anti-spam protection by following these steps:

  1. After logging in, click “Domain in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click on the domain name attached to the email you want to manage.

  3. Click on the “Email” tab.

  4. Next to “Anti-Spam Protection” click “Edit”.

  5. Check or uncheck the toggle button next to “Enable for all mailboxes.”

  6. Click “Update.”

Note that this only acts on one of our anti-spam filters used for your email mailboxes. We continue to use some on our servers which cannot be disabled.

Does Gandimail support DKIM?

Yes, Gandi supports DKIM. Read more here.

Can I use a forwarding address as a “from:” or “reply-to” address in my email client?

Technically, yes, but you may encounter problems with some email not being received when sending “from” a forwarding address. Since it is not technically possible for email to originate from a forwarding address, such messages are considered by some mail servers to be “spoofed” and therefore block them.

You may therefore find it easier to replace or supplement the forwarding addresses with an actual mailbox (with aliases, if necessary), then configure your email client to be able to send and receive from that address.

Do I have to buy hosting to use Gandi Mail?

You can use Gandi Mail with your domain regardless of what type of hosting you have. You can even use it without having any hosting at all, though you may want to upgrade one or more mailboxes to premium ones, depending on your usage.

Do I have to use Gandi’s DNS to use Gandi Mail?

No. You just need to be sure you have our MX records in place.

@ 10800 IN MX 50
@ 10800 IN MX 10

We also recommend adding the following SRV records.

_imap._tcp 10800 IN SRV 0 0 0   .
_imaps._tcp 10800 IN SRV 0 1 993
_pop3._tcp 10800 IN SRV 0 0 0   .
_pop3s._tcp 10800 IN SRV 10 1 995
_submission._tcp 10800 IN SRV 0 1 465

How can I change mail servers ?

If you are using Gandi’s LiveDNS, you need to update the “MX” record entries that are in your domains DNS records, by replacing them with the ones that your new email provider gives you.

How can I save my email?

If you need to save an individual email as a file, most mail clients will allow you to do this by selecting “Save Email” in the menu for that individual email. The email will then be downloaded to your computer in the location you specified. You can find specific directions for downloading an individual email at either of our webmail clients or from using some of the most common email clients below.

If you wish to save all of your email onto your computer, you can do so by using a local (computer based) email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook and specifying in your settings to save your email to the local storage. If your email contains vital information, we recommend creating regular backups of your email inbox.

You can also set up your email to use POP (post office protocol). This type of mail protocol will download your email automatically to the local storage and then delete it from the mail server.


Using POP will delete the emails from the mail server, and you will no longer be able to retrieve those emails in the future.


Using POP and IMAP at the same time can cause problems with your email, and potentially lead to the loss of emails. Please be careful when setting up this protocol.

You can also find third party software which will help you to download all of your email from the mail server to your computer. There are different tools for different operating systems and different situations, so we recommend searching for “IMAP backup” and finding a program that fits your needs.

Can I use Gandi Mail with an external domain?

No. GandiMail cannot be used with a domain not registered with Gandi.

I’m having problems using email from different computers, locations, etc.

People are frequently on the go, reading emails on their smartphones, on their tablet computers, back at the office, and when they come home. Problems can occur (missing emails at one location, problems in sorting mails, etc.), however if you have not designed the “system” to work this way…

In a word, the solution is: IMAP

IMAP is an email protocol that leaves messages on the server, and is designed so that you can access your email from multiple locations. The ‘opposite’ of this is POP, which should only be used when you read emails on one computer. You will want to be sure that everything that you use to read your emails (ex. iPhone, iPad, home/work PC) are all set up to access your emails using IMAP.

If even one of your computers in your personal ‘network’ use POP, this will cause problems in consulting your emails in the other locations. All the more so if you have your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) set up to download messages from the server.

How do I write a ruby action script to work with Gandimail?

This is an example ruby action script with the proper settings for use with Gandimail:

ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
       :address => "",
       :port => 587,
       :authentication => :login,
       :user_name => 'USERNAME',
       :password => 'PASSWORD',

Where can I find a mail’s full headers?

When troubleshooting problems with email with our support team, you may be asked to look at an email’s full headers. The full header is generally not visible to the user, but the program you use to view your mail should have an option to see the full header. Unfortunately, this process is different for each mail client. The following list links you to the support pages of some of the most common mail clients where they explain how to see the full mail header.

Once you find the mail headers the best way to share this information with our support team is by copying and pasting the text into an email. This method is preferable to sending a screenshot of the headers, since our agents cannot copy and paste from an image, and typing the text in manually is time consuming and increases the possibility of transcription errors.