What Does “Relay Access Denied” Mean?

If you are trying to send an email, and get the message “Relay access denied”, there are two possible causes:

Restriction by the Internet Provider

This error can happen when the internet service provider (Orange, Free, etc.) blocks port 25 of its outgoing mail server (SMTP).

In this case try changing your settings to use port 587 or 465 with SSL activated.

Wrong Outgoing Mail Server

This means that you are trying to send the mail from an outgoing mail server (SMTP) other than the one that is associated to your mailbox, and that the outgoing mail server does not allow such an action.

In this case, you just need to change which outgoing mail server you are using:

  • If you are trying to send from GandiMail, try using Gandi’s mail server, or that of your ISP.

  • If you are trying to send from a non-GandiMail mailbox address, then do not try and use Gandi’s mail servers, but rather, your ISP’s, or another one.