Sieve Extensions Supported

The following is a list of Sieve extensions available on Gandi’s mail servers. For more information on how to use these extensions follow the links below.

body Checks for the occurrence of one or more strings in the body of an email message.
comparator-i;ascii-numeric Extracts numbers from text and compares them to see if they match.
copy Specifies that a copy of an email should be used to perform some action (such as forwarding or filing into a folder).
date Allows for action to be applied based on the date or time an email was sent or received.
duplicate Tests if the email is a duplicate.
encoded-character Allows encoding of special characters numerically.
envelope Allows testing of envelope parts, such as the “to” and “from” address.
extracttex For use with “forevererypart”, extracts a specified part of the text for use as a variable.
fileinto Delivers the message into the specified folder.
foreverypart Allows commands to be performed on every MIME part of a message.
ihave Tests if a Sieve extension is available and takes action based on the result.
imap4flags Allows the setting of IMAP flags and keywords to messages.
include Allows the inclusion of one Sieve script inside another.
index Allows the matching of header fields based on the position of the text within the string (for example, starting from the 5th character.)
mailbox Checks to see if a specified folder exists.
mime Allows tests on specific MIME parts of a message.
regex Allows the use of regular expressions.
reject Refuses delivery of a message.
relational Allows for relational comparisons of part of the message.
subaddress Allows tests on the sub-parts of a subaddress.
vacation Allows autoresponding emails.
variables Adds variable support.