Frequent Questions: Spoofing

You may have received a spam email that looks as though it was sent from an address on your own domain name.

There is no need to worry, as this was done by a technique called “Spoofing”, where the sender simply makes the email look like it was sent from your domain name.


If you see such an email, it does not mean that your email account has been hacked, or that the email was actually sent from your account.

There is no purely technical solution to counter this behaviour, as it is similar to getting someone to stop writing your return address on the back of a paper envelope.

Here are some tips in minimizing spam/junk mail to your account or having your email account spoofed (When spammers send mail in such a way that the e-mail appears to have been sent from your email address):

  • Don’t publish your email address on your web pages but rather use web forms to receive email. If you wish to publish your email address, place it in an image. This way web crawlers cannot spider through your web pages and extract coding to get your email address
  • Don’t submit your email address to public forums, mailing lists, newsletters, etc. Similarly don’t give out your business card that contain your email address to contests or draws as often the info gets submitted to marketing campaigns where any number of individuals may have access to your e-mail address information.