Why can’t I receive email?

There are a few reasons you may not be getting email:

  • There is some problem with the email client software you are using: Log in to our webmail to test if you are able to access your email without using your mail client. If you are able to access your email in the webmail client without problems, the problem is likely with your email client. Check your email settings then consult your email client’s support pages for further assistance.

  • Your mailbox is full: Log into your account on Gandi’s website and check to see that you still have storage space remaining.

  • Gandi’s spam filter is blocking some email: If you are failing to receive only some messages from a specific sender, they may be blocked by Gandi’s spam filters. If this is the case the sender of the email will receive an email informing them that their email was blocked. You can try disabling the spam filter, though we highly recommend reactivating the filter once the problem is resolved.

  • Incorrect email settings: See the settings you need to use here.

  • Wrong username: When you set up you email client or log into webmail, the username in this context is the full email address.

  • Typo in the password: Check this by trying to log into the webmail. If it rejects your password, your password is wrong and you need to update it from your GandiMail mailbox admin.

  • Your domain name is expired: Check that the domain name used for your email address is active.

  • Your domain name settings recently changed: If you just created or restored your domain, or if you just updated the DNS settings, it may take a few hours for the DNS changes to propagate through the network.

If you have checked all of the above, and continue to have problems, please contact Gandi Support for help with your problem.

So that we can examine your case more efficiently, please also be sure to include:

  • The domain(s) concerned

  • E-mail application used, or whether the question is about Webmail

  • Settings you are using (do not divulge your password)

  • Whether your are using POP or IMAP

  • Context of the problem

  • Any error messages encountered