Do I need to create backups of my data at Gandi?

Here at Gandi we take the protection of your data seriously. You can trust us to take all the necessary protections to protect the data we host on our servers. However, it is always possible for unpredictable events to occur. Natural disasters and other uncontrollable events mean that data stored in a single location is never as safe as data saved in multiple locations. Multiple backups can also help you to restore your data if your account is ever compromised. For these reasons, industry experts recommend that you create backups both locally and in different geographic locations to ensure the highest degree of safety for your data.

We highly recommend that everyone, whether you are a business or an individual, make their own disaster recovery plan for their important data. Your plan should include how and where you will backup your data, as well as a specific plan for regularly refreshing these backups so that new data is continually being stored. We encourage you to seek out the latest recommendations by experts on what processes are the best fit for you to make your data secure and reliable.

Some of the data sets you may want to back up, as well as instructions on how to download them, are listed below.

  • You can download a copy of the emails on an IMAP server.

  • You can download a snapshot of the data on a Gandi Web Hosting. Please note the that the snapshot does not include databases stored on the web hosting, and that these must be downloaded separately.

  • Any CMS software you use on a site hosted by Gandi, such as WordPress, should have a built in feature for downloading a copy of the database used. You should go to the website of the software you use to find out what options are available.