A Records

When do I use an A record?

A records are ideal for pointing your domain (or subdomain) at a server that has a static (does not change) IP address.

This is frequently the case when you want to point your domain (like “example.com”, or subdomain (like, “www.example.com”) to a server where your website is hosted..

Can I have an example?

Here is a model that you can follow:

www 10800 IN A

You will need to replace www with the name of the subdomain you want, and in the above example with the IP address that your provider gives you.

As a reminder, * means “every subdomain”, so if you have an * A record, then there is no need for www unless you want to override the IP address you gave with your * entry.

If you want just the domain, then you need the @ record you see in the above example, or:

@ 10800 IN A

Usually both the * and @ are used, but one or the other (or both) will only work if the server hosting your website are configured for the particular address.