ALIAS Records

When do I use an ALIAS record?

You will use an ALIAS record when you want the domain itself (not as subdomain) to “point” to a hostname.

This is useful, just like with CNAME records, if you want to point to a hostname instead of an IP address.


Since it is not possible to use a CNAME record on just the bare domain (“”), the “ALIAS” record type is a solution to that problem.


When using an ALIAS record, please note that:

  • There can not already be an A or AAAA record on the bare domain (@)
  • An ALIAS record will break DNSSEC on the bare domain (@), because @ A and @ AAAA responses will be missing the RRSIG records, which will break resolution on all resolvers.

Can I have an example?

Here is an example:

@ 10800 IN ALIAS

Please note the final dot (.) at the end is necessary for the record to work correctly.