Manage DNS Records

This section describes how to manage your DNS records with Gandi. To learn more about what DNS records are check out the DNS section in our domain names FAQ.

Changes that you make to your DNS Records from our #gandiV5 website only take effect if your domain name is using our LiveDNS.

When you purchase your domain directly from #gandiV5 these are the default DNS. However if your domain was created on our classic website, and still use our classic DNS, then you will need to switch your nameservers to use our LiveDNS.


It is possible to manage the DNS records of many domains at once by using a configuration template.

Editing via the Table Mode

Start by selecting the domain name in question from your list of domains, and once there, click on “DNS Records” in the navigation menu. You will then see the resource records on the right.

  • To Add a record, start by clicking on the “Add” button at the top of the page. This will bring up the record creation form, that will guide you through the process. Once you have chosen the type, the form will be adapted to the type of record you will need to create.
  • To Delete a record, click on the trashcan icon on the right of the line corresponding to the record.
  • To Edit a record, click on the pen icon that you see in the record. This will bring up the DNS record edit form that will allow you to modify the fields that can be changed.

Editing via the Text Mode

If you prefer to edit your DNS records manually, scroll down to the bottom of the DNS Records page, and you will see your zone in a text-based format.

Click “Edit DNS Records” to edit the zone, and “Save” to submit your changes.

Making a subdomain

Subdomains are the part directly in front of your domain name. For example in “” the subdomain starts with “docs”. In “” the subdomain starts with “www”.

To make a subdomain, you first must have the necessary permissions to change the DNS records for the domain name to which it will be added.

Then, by editing the domain’s DNS records, you will add a new record:

  • in Table Mode”, when you click the “Add” button, and after you select the type you want, fill in the “Name” field with what you want to add. For example, “docs”, or “blog”, or “www” etc. This will then be added in front of your domain.
  • in Text Mode”, after you click the “Edit DNS records” below your records, you can then manually add your record as desired. The following example would create a subdomain starting on “m” on my domain, pointing to a wix server:
m 10800 IN A

Backup DNS Records

If you are using Gandi’s LiveDNS servers, you have the ability to create a backup of your DNS records. To do this, go to the “DNS Records” tab for the desired domain and click “Make a backup copy.” At this time this feature is only available for customers using LiveDNS.

To restore your DNS records using an existing backup click “Restore from a backup.” You will then choose which backup to use, or choose to use the default Gandi LiveDNS records.