Changing Nameservers

Switching to External Nameservers

Begin the DNS change process by selecting the domain name from your list of domains that you need to update.

  1. Go to the Nameservers page: Once you have selected the domain name, click on the “Nameservers” navigation tab to take you to the nameserver change interface. Click on the “Change” line that you see under your nameservers to continue.
  2. Choose your new nameservers: On the nameserver modification page, you see the fields are pre-filled with your existing nameservers. To change your nameservers, you need to replace the existing ones that you see with the ones that you want, by typing in the fields the names of the new nameservers, and deleting any extra ones that may be left over from the previous set.

Once you only see the list of nameservers that you want, click “Save” on the bottom of the page to submit.


Please wait 12-24 hours for the DNS propagation to occur before testing.

How to Switch to LiveDNS

If you need to manage your DNS records on our website or make use of our automatic zone update features, you will need to be sure that your domain uses our LiveDNS nameservers.

To switch to our LiveDNS nameservers, use the link “Switch to Gandi’s LiveDNS nameservers” that you see on the Nameserver update page. This will then take you to the DNS records page, where we confirm that you want to make the switch

If you were previously using Gandi’s classic nameservers (,, we will copy the zonefile that you were using and will use that for your DNS records with LiveDNS. There will therefore be no downtime during this switch in this case.

Note that since the wildcard * works differently between our classic DNS and our LiveDNS, you will see that we make subdomains for you to not break your wildcard resolution. For example, if you had:

something in A
* in A

Then, after the import to live DNS you will see:

something in A
*.something in A
* in A