Manage Domain Contacts

As part of ICANN regulations, every domain owner is required to provide up to date contact information for each domain they own. This information is then made available to a greater or lesser extent through the WHOIS database. Gandi automatically provides privacy protection for your contact information so that only required information will be publicly available.

Even if information will not listed be publicly, it is still required to provide accurate information for use by the registries which manage the domains.

Types of Contacts

Domain contacts fall into the following categories:

  • Owner Contact - This is the individual, company, or other legal entity which is the legal owner of the domain name.
  • Administrative Contact - In cases where the entity listed as the owner contact does not directly admininster the domain, the adiminstrative contact is the person or entity which is responisble for managing the domain.
  • Technical Contact - The technical contact is generally the individual or entity that is responsible for the technical aspects of managing a domain. The technical contact may be responsible for keeping settings up to date, which another contact (such as the billing contact) may be responsible for paying renewal fees, and so on.
  • Billing Contact - The billing contact is generally the individual or entity that is responsible for paying fees associated with the domain, such as renewal fees. This contact is generally the recipient of renewal notifications, where one is specified.

How to Change a Contact

To change any of the above contact types listed for a domain, use the following steps.


If you only wish to change the contact information for the owning body of the account (for example, a mailing or email address) without changing the identity of the contact, please see our page on changing contact information.

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Select “Domain” to view a list of your domains.
  3. Choose the domain name from your list you want to update, and then choose the “Domain Contacts” tab.
  4. Next to the type of contact you wish to update, select “Change.”
  5. Fill out the contact form, with the information of the new contact.
  6. When done, click “Save” to submit
  7. Make sure the new contact validates their email address by clicking a link in the email they receive.


Gandi is required by ICANN to verify all email addresses provided for domain contacts. The new contact will not be able to see or manage the domain until they validate their email by clicking on the link in the email they receive. For new domains, a failure to validate the owner’s email address can lead to the domain being placed on hold.