Prepaid Account

You have the possibility of adding credit to a prepaid account at Gandi.

At checkout, you can then choose to pay from the funds available in your prepaid account, instead of directly from your credit card, for example.

How to open a prepaid account

Prepaid accounts are opened automatically during your first purchase.

If you want to open a prepaid account prior to a purchase (for example, if you want to credit your prepaid account beforehand) you start by logging into your Gandi account and be sure you are in your personal account, or the organization that is to have the prepaid account.

For example:

  • if you need to open a prepaid account for your company, navigate to the organization’s admin (see how to change organizations)
  • if you need to open a prepaid account for yourself as an individual, be sure that you are in your personal account’s admin by checking that your username is displayed

Then, proceed to the “Account Settings” page, and under “Postal address” click “Edit”.

Please provide your street address and currency, and “Save” when done. Our system will then automatically activate your prepaid account for your user, or the organization you are in.

Prepaid account threshold

You have the option of receiving daily automatic alerts via email when your prepaid account balance falls beneath a certain threshold. This can be very practical if you manage a large number of domains or use automatic renewal to maintain your hosting resources.

You can toggle this option or change the threshold amount from your “Billing” → “Options” page in the account or organization in question.