How to Pay Using a Bank Transfer

Gandi accepts payments by bank transfer. You can use a bank transfer to pay for your order directly or to add credit to a prepaid account.

Please note that the processing time for international bank transfers may be as long as a week, and so bank transfers should never be used for urgent orders. We will only complete orders after we have received and validated your payment.

Gandi is unable to check the status of your bank transfer until it has been completed, since the transfer is handled entirely by the bank and is not visible to Gandi until the payment has been processed.


Make sure you do all of the following to ensure your payment is received as quickly as possible.

  • Enter the exact amount of the transaction including all bank transfer fees.

  • For SWIFT network wire transfers (most international wire transfers) “”OUR”” must be used as instruction in field 71A “Details of Charges”. This indicates that you will be responsible for paying any transfer fees.

  • Enter the transaction number in the comments for the transfer.


A payment received without the necessary reference number(s) cannot be applied, as we will have no way of knowing which account the payment was intended for. If you have sent a payment without the reference number please contact support to locate your payment manually.

You can find the details of where you should address your bank order as well as the transaction number on the final confirmation screen once you complete your order. Or, if you have already placed your oder, you can find it on the page for your order in your account. You can find your order page by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gandi account.

  2. Click “Billing” in the left navigation menu.

  3. Find your order under “Orders in progress” and click the green arrow.

  4. Scroll down to find the transfer details under “Where to address your bank transfer.”


Since bank transfers may take as long as a week, please send your transfer before the following deadlines to ensure your order is completed before any relevant deadlines:


At least ten days before the expiration date of the domain or resources.


At least ten days before the end of the quarantine/redemption period.

Domain name registration

As soon as possible, since we will only process the creation request upon the reception and validation of your payment.