How to Pay with a Promo Code

At Gandi we occasionally give away promo codes that can be used to pay for a particular order. A good example of this was our 10-year anniversary giveaway.

Though promo codes are initially given to a particular user, he/she is then free to use it, or to give it away to someone else. For example, if you got 5 promo codes, you can use just one for yourself, and give the others away to whomever you want!


Promo codes cannot be used to purchase premium domains. Premium domains are domains that are for sale at a higher price set by the domain’s current owner. These domains have a red “Premium” label in our shop. Gandi does not control the pricing on premium domains and cannot offer a discount.

How do I know if I have a promo code?

You will get an email at the address of your Gandi handle notifying you of the reception of a promo code.

Paying with Your Promo Code

To use a promo code follow these steps:

  1. Start your order as normal.

  2. In the “Shopping Cart” phase click the green arrow next to “Promo Code.”

  3. Type in the promo code you received.

  4. Click “Apply.”

  5. Complete your order.


You can only use one promo code per item and per order.

Promo Code Exclusions

You cannot use promo codes for the following items:

  • Premium domains

  • Products already on sale for a reduced price

  • Products excluded from the promo code (for example, a promo code for hosting cannot be used to purchase a domain)

You also cannot redeem a promo code for cash or use it to fill your prepaid account.

You will get an error in the following situations:

  • You try to use one promo code for multiple products. You can only use one promo code, for one item, one at one time.

  • You try to use a promo code that has already been used.

  • You try to use a promo code that has expired.

If you are having trouble with a promo code please contact our support team.