How to Qualify for Better Prices at Gandi

The volume of your purchases determines the prices you pay at Gandi. When you purchase more, Gandi provides you with special rates on all the products (such as domains, email, SSL certificates, and hosting) and operations (such as renewals) in our catalog.

Customers who have subscribed to our Corporate Services do not follow the below table, and instead have their own price rate set based on the details of their Corporate Services agreement.

E rates can get up to 50% off.

New accounts or those who have made no purchases in the same year have A rates by default.

Price Rate Calculations

Our prices are determined on a sliding scale based on how much has been spent by an organization within the same year. On January 1st, the rate category is then reset to A, and the rate scale restarted for that year.

Please note that customers who regularly spend higher rates can also qualify for Gandi’s Loyalty Program, described below.

Price Grid

This table shows how much a customer needs to spend to qualify for each price rate. To see how prices differ at each price rate you can see our `domain list<>`_, then change the price category by scrolling down until you see the light purple “Pricing Options” box and clicking “Change”.





A Rates





B Rates





C Rates





D Rates





E Rates





Gandi’s Loyalty Program

If you have purchased a minimum of 2,500 Euros per year (or the equivalent in your local currency) for at least two consecutive years, Gandi will allow you to keep your current rate after the year-end turnover. This means you will not return to A rates but will keep your current rate even after turning over into the new year. You are also still able to qualify for a better price category if your spending for that year reaches the requirement for a better category.

Rate Calculation Example

Let’s imagine a customer based in Europe who purchased 800 Euros of products on our site. They would immediately benefit from a B rate applied to their current order, as well as to their next purchase if made during the same calendar year.

Let’s say this same company then decided to transfer some additional domains from another provider later in the year. Since they know that the next better rate is available starting at 1,500 Euros, they decide to also purchase some additional domains and try out our Web Hosting service. Altogether, their order is over 1,000 euros. By doing this, they will pay C rates for the entire order, and will then benefit from C rates on all purchases for the rest of the year.

Starting on January 1st of the following year, the organization’s rates will be reset to A, until they purchase enough to bump up their rate category to the next, better, rate.

If this same company continued to spend more than 2,500 Euros per year for two years in a row, they would automatically gain access to our loyalty program. As part of our loyalty program, their rates will not be reset on January 1st, but instead will stay at the same rate while they build back up to previous spending levels. They can still reach a better rate category if the spending for an individual year reaches the level required.

Frequent Questions

What is my current price rate?

To find your current price rate, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Select “Billing” from the left menu.

  3. Click on the name of the organization you will use to purchase products.

  4. You can find your price rate at the top left of your billing overview.

How do I take advantage of my new, better price rate?

Once you have logged in to your Gandi account, our shop will automatically display by default the price of products according to your current price rate.

Can I see what the price would be with a different price rate? How about with a different currency?

On many of the Gandi shop pages, such as our domain page, there is a drop-down menu where you can select different price rates or currencies. When you select an option, the prices will update throughout the current page. If you add the products to your shopping cart, however, it will use the correct price for your current price rate and designated currency.

When is the counter reset?

The counter is reset to zero every January 1st.

If I reach the amount needed for a new rate level, can I benefit from the better rates starting with the current purchase?

The amount spent and accumulated since January 1st qualifies you for higher and higher rate categories for the current calendar year. When you reach a new level, you will benefit from the better rate on your current order, and all those placed until December 31st of the current year.

I manage different organizations using the same customer account. Does each organization qualify for its own price rate?

Each organization accumulates its own total and has its own price rate based on its total.