Automatic renewal

Domain names are not automatically renewed at Gandi unless you have specifically activated that service. If you have not enabled automatic renewal on your domain name (and you don’t renew manually), you will not be charged, your domain registration will expire, and your domain name will be deleted. The deletion time after the expiration date varies from 1 to 65 days, depending on the extension.

How to activate automatic renewal

Only the domain’s owner, or a user that is a member of the owner team of the domain, the administrative contact, or the billing contact can activate automatic renewal for a domain.

To activate automatic renewal for a domain: you need to click on the “Automatic Renewal” that you see from your domain’s Overview page.


When automatic renewal is active, you will no longer see the “Automatic Renewal” button, but rather, only the option to deactivate automatic renewal.

How to deactivate automatic renewal

To Deactivate automatic renewal, from the domain’s Overview, click on “Deactivate automatic renewal”.

How does it work?

Automatic renewal can occur at 31 days, 15 days, and 1 day before the expiration date of the domain (depending on if funds are available in your prepaid account at those times). When it is done, the domain’s Billing Contact will be notified by e-mail.