Orders and Billing History

You can find the orders, billing history, invoices, and other information in the billing area for your organization. After clicking “Billing” in the left sidebar, select which organization you wish to view.


You will only be able to see the invoices and history of the organization you used to purchase your products. If a product was purchased using a different organization, you must choose that organization to view that history.

Once you are in the billing area for your organization you can click to see any of the following information:

  • Overview” will show you the current balance in your prepaid account, your price rate, and any payment methods you have added to your account.

  • Orders” will show you the orders that have been made and their current payment status.

  • History” will show you all invoices and receipts that have been generated for this organization.

  • Payment Methods” will show you all credit cards that have been added to this organization.

  • Options” will allow you to specify the frequency of invoices (per month versus per order) and also specify the amount at which you will receive a low balance warning on your prepaid account.


    We only display invoices on our new website that are from January 1, 2015 or later. To see previous invoices, you will need to refer to your former invoice pages on our old website: https://v4.gandi.net