Means of PaymentΒΆ

You may pay for your order in several different ways at Gandi, depending on what is the most convenient for you. For more information on each of the various payment means we provide and information about it, please use the navigation menu on the left.

Payment processing delays

We can only start your order once we have recieved and validated your payment. This also means that our payment gateway partners must have also completed the processing of your request.

If your order appears to be waiting for payment, but you made it from your end, it may be normal.

You can use the table below to see some of the maximum times we have experienced in getting the payment confirmation from our partners:

Payment Means Maximum payment validation delay
Credit card three days Gandi Asia customers (*)
PayPal 1.5 hours
Wire transfer one week for international transfers
Cryptocurrency 20 minutes
Prepaid account immediate

(*) Credit card payment is usually very quick, however as it may need to be validated by our payment gateway, you should nevertheless wait a couple minutes before checking. For customers in Gandi Asia that use Alipay, the processing time can take up to 3 days.

If you believe that you made payment in one of the above methods, but your order is still stuck in the payment phase, please contact customer support.

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