Glue Records

A glue record is the association of a hostname with an IP address at the registry. Once created, add your new names to your nameservers list. The changes will be effective from 12 up to 72 hours, the time for the DNS new zones to propagate worldwide.

1. Declaration

After choosing the domain in question from your list, click on “Glue Records” in the navigation menu.

Then, provide the mandatory information in the form”

  • the name: for example, ns1. This will define the name of the host object.
  • the IP address(es): the IP address(es) of the machines hosting your bind server

When done, click “Add” again to submit.

2. Change nameservers

For your new nameservers to work, you must now change the nameservers of the domain name in question, and be sure that the new ones you made on the glue record form are present.