How to Create an SSL Certificate

This section describes the basic process for purchasing an SSL certificate from Gandi.

Some of the actions you take within Gandi, such as setting up web forwarding, may create a free SSL certificate automatically. If you are happy with the certificate provided you do not need to take any further action.

To start the process of buying a certificate go to our SSL certificate page. There you will find a table showing the different levels of certificates we offer. Choose which level of certificate you need, then click “Select” under the option you want. This will launch a dialog guiding you through the process of setting up a new certificate.


Free (for use with Simple hosting) <free_ssl_certificate> are only created automatically for websites hosted by Gandi, so selecting this option on our SSL certificate page will take you to the hosting section of your account. The rest of these instructions do not apply to free SSL certificates.

You can also start the certificate creation process by clicking “Buy” in the SSL section of your account.

Step One: Choose which SSL certificate you need.

First you will choose the type of certificate from the following options:

Then you will choose the the size of certificate from the following options:

  • Single address

  • Several addresses

  • Full domain

If you choose to make an address for several addresses you can also choose from the following sizes:

  • Up to 3 domains

  • Up to 5 domains

  • Up to 10 domains

  • Up to 20 domains

If you choose a Pro or Business certificate you will also be able to choose the level of warranty you wish to purchase.

Step Two: Provide your CSR

Next, you will copy and paste your CSR into the field provided. See our page describing how to generate a CSR.

The common name is the domain name you want to secure. You can read more on our page explaining the common name.

Step Three: Choose your validation method.

Finally, you will choose the domain validation method (DCV) that you will use.

When you have finished selecting the options for your certificate you will add it to your shopping cart. You can then finish the checkout process and complete payment to finish generating your SSL certificate.

Step Four: Complete Extra Steps

Depending on the options you chose, there may be extra steps for you to perform to complete your order. You will receive an email telling you what you need to do. You can also find instructions for these steps by going to the “SSL Certificates” section of your account and clicking on the SSL certificate you just ordered.