Certificate Creation

The general creation process is done in 4 steps on our website.

To get started, click the “Buy” button that you see at the top of your SSL Certificates page.

Then you will be presented with the creation process.

1. Choose where you will install your certificate.

The first two options that you are given are:

  • On a S+ or greater Gandi Simple Hosting instance”: This will allow the installation to be done automatically for you, and you will have access to our free standard certificates. Certificates can be installed on Gandi Simple Hosting instances from S+ to XXL. To get free certificates, you need to have a running instance so that we can install them automatically.
  • Somewhere else”: Choose this if you want to be able to use your certificate anywhere.

2. Choose your type

You can choose a Free (for use with Simple hosting), Standard, Professional, or Business certificate.

Depending on your choice, we will then let you choose the options (single address, wildcard, multi-domain, warantee type etc.).

3. Choose your generation method

The two options are:

  • Simple: you only provide the Common Name
  • Custom”: you provide the CSR and the Common name

4. choose your validation method

Finally, you will choose the domain validation method (DCV) that you will use.