Standard Certificates

Single address

Gandi’s Single-Address SSL certificate is the smallest of the certificates offered by Gandi, and is ideal for protecting websites that do not perform financial transactions.

Gandi includes a free, one-address, Standard SSL certificate for one year with the purchase or transfer of a domain name with Gandi. For more on this, see the free certificate page.

Single address, free for Simple Hosting instances S+ or greater

When you subscribe to our Simple Hosting offer at Gandi, you benefit from free SSL certificates starting from S+ size instance (the “S” offer does not support SSL), for each vhost (site) that is installed on our hosting platform.

Each certificate will be automatically created by our system, will be a “standard” certificate, and will be automatically renewed each year. However, you do not have access to the private key and this certificate will only work on our Simple Hosting platform. If the domain should one day no longer belong to you, if the entry is deleted, and/or if the hosting is moved elsewhere, the certificate will be automatically revoked.

If you register your domain name with Gandi AND you host its website on our simple Hosting platform, we strongly advise you to use the automatic certificate with Simple Hosting, which has the advantage of being renewed each year automatically.

Single address, free for 1-year certificate included with your domain

As this is a Single-address Standard certificate it is a good and economical choice for securing a single website that does not carry out financial transactions.

Please note that after the free year you will need to renew the certificate, for which we will charge the fee applicable at that time.


This is a type of Standard SSL certificate at Gandi, and so it is ideal for protecting websites that do not perform financial transactions. The Wildcard Standard SSL certificate lets you secure a domain name and all its current and/or future subdomains.

A Wildcard certificate secures the bare domain (apex) and unlimited first-level subdomains: and ; but it does not secure higher levels such as * and so on. To cover say *, you will need to buy another Wildcard certificate. To cover, you will need to buy another Single-address certificate.

Unlike the Single-address Standard SSL certificates, the Wildcard version lets you secure more than one address on a domain name. For example:

  • etc.

If you need to secure various domain names through one certificate, however (eg. and, then you would want to choose one of our Multi-domain certificates, as opposed to a Wildcard certificate.


Gandi’s Multi-domain Standard SSL certificate is ideal for securing an administration interface, a members-only space, an intranet, webmail. etc.

Unlike the Wildcard Standard SSL certificates, the Multi-domain version lets you secure more than one domain name on the same certificate. For example:

  • etc.

If you just need to secure various subdomains (eg. and through one certificate, then you would want to use one of our Wildcard certificates rather than a Multi-domain certificate.

There are four types of Multi-domain certificates. When making your choice, you can decide to purchase a certificate to secure:

  • up to 3 domains
  • up to 5 domains
  • up to 10 domains
  • up to 20 domains