What Sizes of SSL Certificates Are Available?

In addition to choosing between different levels of authentication (Standard, Pro, or business), you can also choose different size options for each type of certificate.

Single Address

Available for: Standard, Business

As the name implies, a single address certificate will cover only a single full address, such as “www.example.com.” If you wish to cover additional addresses at the same domain name, such as “blog.example.com” or “shop.example.com” you would either need to purchase additional certificates or purchase a wildcard certificate.


A single address certificate is always valid for the www subdomain corresponding to the address, and vice versa. For example, if you purchase a certificate for the address blog.example.com, the certificate will be automatically valid for the address www.blog.example.com. Similarly, if you purchase a certificate for the address www.dev.example.com, it will also be valid for dev.example.com.


Available for: Standard, Pro

A wildcard address will cover all subdomains at a single address. For example, getting a wildcard certificate for “*.example.com” will cover “www.example.com”, “blog.example.com”, “shop.example.com”, and any other subdomains on a single address.

A wildcard will not cover sub-subdomains. For example, a wildcard for “*.fr.example.com” will only cover addresses that end with “.fr.example.com” and would not cover “www.tw.example.com”, “shop.cn.example.com”, and so on.


Available for: Standard, Business

A multi-domain address allows you to include a list of domains to cover with a single certificate. This can be more cost-effective than buying individual certificates for each domain. This cannot be combined with a wildcard, so each subdomain will count towards the total number of domains. Unlike the wildcard, it can include entirely different domain names. The same certificate could cover “www.example.com”, “www.example.org”, “shop.example.com”, “www.domain.com”, and so on, with each address counting as a single address.

You can purchase different sizes of multi-domain certificates. Gandi offers the following sizes for both Standard and Business certificates:

  • Up to 3 domains
  • Up to 5 domains
  • Up to 10 domains
  • Up to 20 domains