How to renew

Renewing from Gandi’s home page

From’s home page, click on the “Renew it now!” link that you see under the domain name registration form (or click here to access the Gandi renewal interface directly). You will then be taken to the renew form.

Enter the domain name(s) to be renewed in this box and click the magnifying glass icon or enter on your keyboard. If you have several you want to renew, click on “Search for multiple domains at once” and list them, one on each line.

You will then be taken to the next step, where you validate your choice and choose the number of years if applicable, followed by payment.

Renewing from your list of domains

If you have permissions to more than one domain, when you go to your list of domains you can renew multiple domains at once by clicking on “Renew” next to it in the list.

They are then added to your shopping cart, and you can proceed to payment to complete the process.

Renewing from the domain’s overview

If you are already logged into the domain’s control panel (where you see your domain’s information), you can click on the “Overview” link which is found in the navigation menu.

You will then be able to activate automatic renewal or renew it manually.

Click “Renew” to proceed with the process.