How to Restore a Domain After It Has Expired

When a domain name is not renewed within the renewal period, it is deleted from our database. The time period for this depends on the registry that manages the domain and can be found in our renewal deadlines table.

If you wish to reactivate a domain that has been deleted, it may be possible to restore that domain if it is allowed by the registry that manages the domain.

You can find out if your domain requires restoration by looking it up in the whois; If you see the status “Redemption Period” or “Pending Delete Restorable”, the domain must be restored to be reactivated.

How to Restore a Domain Name

In most cases, this operation can be done online, from your account:

  1. After logging in, click “Domain” in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click on the “Restorable” tab above the list of the domains. Any domains that are currently restorable will be in this list.

  3. Click on “Restore” and the restoration will be added to your shopping cart.

  4. When you are ready click on “Checkout” in the top left corner and complete your order.