How to Get Help Choosing a Domain Name

The art of selecting a domain name involves choosing a name that fits its intended purpose; in other words, it is relevant, descriptive, short, and it is easy to pronounce and remember. However, this is easier said than done, as many common words have already been registered in the most saturated TLDs (such as .com).

When you search Gandi for available domains, we will also provide suggestions to help you decide on the best domain name for you. This page explains some of the options found in our domain search.

Checking for Availability

When you type and domain name and hit enter our search engine will do its best to only show you domains that are currently available. The search results may take a moment to finish as we search through the available domains at all our extensions.


You can find additional search options by clicking on the the settings icon to the left of the search icon.

These options include:

  • UNAVAILABLE: By default our search hides domains that are unavailable, but you can choose to also show domains that are unavailable.

  • SEARCH TERMS: You can choose to see results that contain words you maybe did not think of, but are related to the ones you are looking for by selecting “Suggest Words”, or you can stick to just combinations of the exact words you are looking for by selecting “Exact Words”.

  • ON SALE: You can choose “Show” to include domains on sale in the regular search results. Or, choose “Show Only” to only see domains on sale. Or, choose “Hide” to hide all domains that are on sale.

  • EXTENSIONS: You can choose a limited set of extensions in which to search.

  • REGISTRATION PERIODS: For new extensions, you can choose to see results only in the desired registration periods.

Add Domains to Shopping Cart

Click on the shopping cart icon next to the domains you want to register. This will add the domain to your shopping cart without leaving your search results.

You can add as many domains to the shopping cart as you wish. When you add a domain, an green check mark will appear next to it in the domain list. Clicking on the green check mark will remove the domain from your shopping cart, again without leaving your search results.

When you are ready to check out click “Checkout” in the upper right corner.

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