How to Activate Domains with Extensions That Require Additional Steps

Some extensions require an additional step after the initial order. After you launch the registration at Gandi, you may need to contact the registry directly to complete the process.

This page lists some activation steps required for popular extensions.


Failing to follow through with these steps will result in the domain’s deletion by the registry.

.AF, .CX, .KI, .GS, .HT, .GY

After you have completed the registration request for one of these domains, the registry, CoCCA will send two emails to the owner of the new domain:

  • A welcome email, telling you your rights.

  • An activation email with a link that that you must click on to accept the TLD Registrant Agreement and AUP policy, as well as to confirm the validity of contact details.

If this is not confirmed within 21 days of the registration request at Gandi, the registry will suspend and then delete the domains.


During the registration process you will be asked to agree to the Registrant Agreement. This is a mandatory step for new CIRA contacts.

Once the order is placed, Gandi will send the owner an email that contains a link explaining how to accept the Registrant Agreement of the registry (CIRA), as well as the “Contact Id” which must be used to confirm the Registrant Agreement.

You must accept the Registrant Agreement within 7 days or the registry will delete the domain.


After you have launched your .CN domain name registration on Gandi’s website, you must complete the registry’s registration process by providing proof of ID.

If you are registering in the name of a company or organization: You must provide a copy of your registration certificate from the appropriate official body. Only official jurisdictions that have a publicly-available online database will be accepted by the registry.

If you are registering the domain name as an individual: You must provide a copy of a legal photo id (passport, ID card, drivers license, etc.) which must correspond to the information given for the owner of the domain.

The documents must be sent to Gandi either by e-mail (in .JPG format between 100K and 1MB) to support-en @ with the subject, Documents for “my .CN domain”, or by postal mail within 5 days of your purchase request.


After you request your .dk domain at Gandi, the registry will send you an email that you need to follow in order to activate your domain. You must do this within 3 months of your registration request.

Here is the process:

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with the Login and Pincode you received by mail.

  3. You will get to your “domain name list”, where your domain name(s), status, and expiration date is listed.

  4. Click on your domain name.

  5. You will see a site called “domain name information”, where the contact and nameserver information to your domain is listed.

  6. On the right, you will find a Danish link: “aktiver domænenavnet”. Click it.

  7. You will have to re-enter your Login and Pincode.

The following steps are only available in Danish! Don’t click on the English link, it will guide you to the start page.

  1. The first page again shows your owner contact data, which you have to confirm. After this confirmation, you will get a red warning message that your contact data will be provided in the official DK-WHOIS.

  2. The next page shows you 2 text areas with the General Terms and Agreements and the Policies of the .DK domain names. You have to scroll down and “read” those text areas.

  3. Then you have to click the second choose button below the text areas, which says that you have read and understood the Policies.

  4. Then you can click to the next page.

  5. The next (and last) page shows your domain name again and a checkbox. Please check the checkbox and click to the next step. Now your domain name is activated.

  6. You will receive another Danish email, confirming the activation of your domain.


The Italian registry will only accept .IT domain name registrations that have DNS which comply with their norms. In other words, they must pass their zonecheck.

If you launch your domain name creation at Gandi with DNS that are not set up correctly (for example, you do not have an SOA for the domain), then the registry will suspend the domain.

They periodically test your domain to see if your DNS passes their test, and will only activate the domain name if it passes the Zonecheck. If the domain continues to not pass the zonecheck, then the domain will remain suspended and may not be used.


If in doubt, we recommend creating your .IT domain with Gandi’s LiveDNS to be sure it completes the full registration process. You are free to change your DNS after that.


In order to activate the order at the Registry, you now need to fill out the applicant declaration form on the Registry’s website.

The declaration form must be completed by a legal representative of your organization.

At the end of the procedure, you will have to recover the completed applicant declaration form and then send the documents to Gandi by email at with your registration certificate with Norway’s Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities and a photo ID of the legal representative of your organization who completed the declaration.

In accordance with the .NO Registry rules, your request will be validated and your domain name registered after the receipt and validation of these documents.