GandiCloud Postpayment Billing

GandiCloud will soon switch to postpayment billing. You can find more details on this page.

General Operation

GandiCloud issues an invoice once per month, charging per hour of use, for the consumption of the previous month.

The resources used amount is calculated on the basis of 672 hours (= 28 days) in the month. This means that a server whose configuration does not change will have the same cost in February (28 or 29 days) as in January (31 days).

Subscription to the Service


Subscription to the GandiCloud service requires you to have a valid automatic payment method associated with your Gandi account.

For security reasons, when activating the GandiCloud service, we ask for a payment of €5, or the equivalent in your chosen currency, to be added to your organization’s prepaid account to verify your payment method as valid. You can then use apply this amount to your first invoice, or use it for any other Gandi product, by choosing your prepaid account as a payment method during your next purchase.

Your subscription may take from a few minutes to several hours to activate as we process your request.

Monthly Billing

On the 1st of each month, the invoice corresponding to your use of the GandiCloud Service is sent to you. This invoice is paid automatically if your associated payment method is valid. If the payment fails, you have 48 hours to associate a new valid payment method or manually pay the invoice. Otherwise, your servers and resources will be paused. At the end of 30 days after the failed payment (28 days after your resources are paused) your resources (servers, volumes, and etc.) will be DEFINITIVELY DELETED.


Your resources will be deleted after 30 days of non-payment.

The invoice includes charges for the consumption of all your resources (servers, volumes) over the previous month.

Consumption is recorded on a basis of 672 hours, or 28 full days. If you do not change the configuration of your resources, your consumption will be billed for the same amount each month, regardless of the number of days in the month.

If you change the configuration of your resource (server, volume), the consumption in hours, before and after, will be counted independently.


Each configuration, or flavor, of VPS is also capped at 672 hours. This means that changing the flavor of a VPS on January 30 will lead to a charge for 28 days for the original flavor flavor and 1 day and a few hours for the new flavor on the February 1st invoice.

Examples below detail different possible payment scenarios.


You can terminate your GandiCloud service at any time. To do this, delete all of your resources. No further steps are necessary.

An invoice will be sent to you on the 1st of the following month to settle the consumption for the current month. In the event that this invoice is not paid, we reserve the right to suspend your other Gandi products and to call on our collection service.

Examples of Use

Creation and Billing of a V-R1 Server

You are a new GandiCloud VPS customer and you create your first V-R1 server on January 13 at 12:01 am. You do not create any other resource during the month. On February 1:

  • The consumption of this server will have been 18 days, or 432 hours.

  • The hourly price for this configuration (including IPv4 and 25GB storage) is € 0.00745 excl.

  • The February 1 invoice will be 432 * €0.00745 = 3.2184, reduced to €3.21 excl.

You are satisfied with the service and you keep your server in the same configuration throughout the month of February. As of March 1:

  • The consumption of this server will have been 28 days (or 29), or 672 hours.

  • The March 1 invoice will be 672 * €0.00745 = €5.0064 reduced to €5.00 excl.

Evolution of a V-R1 server to V-R2

You have been using a GandiCloud V-R1 server for several months. You are billed each month € 5.00 excluding VAT for this server. The load on your application increases as this server becomes undersized, you scale it up to a V-R2 server.

On July 23 at 1:00 p.m. you change the configuration from V-R1 to V-R2 (1 CPU / 2 GB of RAM). During the month of July you will have consumed:

  • 541 hours (22 days and 13 hrs) of V-R1

  • 203 hours (8 days and 11 hrs) of V-R2.

On August 1st:

  • The consumption of this server in V-R1 will have been 542 hours, or €4.3045

  • The consumption of this server in V-R2 will have been 202 hours, i.e. €2.41773

  • The invoice amount will be €4.3045 + €2.41773 = €6.55818 reduced to €6.55 excl.


I already use the GandiCloud VPS service in pre-payment, will the change in post-payment change the price of the service?

No, the monthly prices do not change. While the introduction of hourly prices allows for greater flexibility in using the service, we have also made sure that the monthly prices remain strictly the same.