Getting Started with GandiCloud VPS

GandiCloud VPS provides a reliable, flexible solution for creating and managing virtual servers. On this page we will walk you through getting started with Gandi Cloud.

Before you sign up for GandiCloud VPS, there a few steps you should complete to make the process as easy as possible.

Step One: Create a Gandi Account

If you do not have a Gandi Account you can create your Gandi account, go ahead and sign up for one.

Step Two: Create or Select your Gandi Organization

Gandi organizations allow you to manage products as a team. When you sign up for GandiCloud VPS you can choose one of your organizations to be the owner of your product. If you don’t already have an organization set up, go ahead and create your organization now.

Step Three: Add a Payment Method

All transactions for GandiCloud VPS will be handled through your prepaid account. If you haven’t already, you should go ahead and add a credit card to use with your prepaid account.


Billing for GandiCloud VPS is handled a little bit differently than previous Gandi Cloud products. You can find all the details on the GandiCloud VPS billing page.

Step Four: Create Your First Server

Now that your Gandi account setup is complete, you are ready to set up your first server.

  1. Go to your GandiCloud VPS admin in your account.

  2. In the drop down menu at the top of the page select the organization you want to be the owner of your server.

  3. Click “Create a server”.

  4. Verify that the information is correct and click “Continue”.

  5. Choose your server configuration.

  6. Choose an OS image.

  7. Enter your public SSH key.

  8. Name your server.

  9. Click “Create.”

It will take a few minutes for your server to become active. Once your server is active you can access it via SSH.