GandiCloud VPS Billing

GandiCloud VPS resources and services are invoiced on a monthly basis, using a prepaid model. You will be billed at or around the 2nd day of each month for the amount needed to keep your resources running for that month, based on the resources you have at the time of the renewal.

When you create a server you will pay a prorated amount to cover the remaining time until the start of the next month. You will pay a per-day rate (for a 31-day month, the full month amount divided by 31) for each day remaining until the next renewal, including the current day but excluding the renewal date.

For example, if you are creating a server that will cost 10€ per month on May 20th you will pay for the 13 days remaining until June 1st, including both May 20th and June 1st. You will pay 10€ divided by 31 for each of those days. In total, you will pay 4.19€ for these 13 days (rounded from 4.1935…).

The price of renewal will be based on your current resources. You can check the price of your next renewal at anytime in your account admin.

If the amount in your prepaid account is insufficient to cover the next renewal, we will try to refill it from any saved payment method associated with your account. If you have no such saved payment method and do not refill your prepaid account manually in the 2 days after the renewal then all your servers will be paused. If you still haven’t refilled your prepaid account by 30 days after the renew date, all your resources will then be irremediably deleted.

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