How to Manage Resources in GandiCloud VPS

GandiCloud VPS offers a high level of flexibility so you can adapt the resources to your needs. On this page we will details the different ways to manage the resources of your server (RAM/CPU, Storage).

To see a complete list of the possible configurations we currently offer, visit our public website.

Extend the size of a volume

The maximum size of a volume is 1TB.


Please note that it is not possible to decrease the size of a volume.

You have two ways to extend the size of a volume:

  1. Through the Gandi user interface.

  2. Through the command line interface (CLI).


Since Gandi VPS is currently prepaid, you will immediately be charged the amount needed to keep your server active until the next payment. You will only pay the cost of the additional space, since you will have already paid for the original size with your last payment.

Extend a Volume Through the Gandi Website

Follow these steps to extend the volume through Gandi’s interface.

  1. After logging into your Gandi account, select “VPS” in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click on the “Volumes” tab.

  3. Find the volume you want to extend in the list and click the three dots icon next to it. Select the option, “Increase Size.”

  4. Choose the size that you want then click “Increase size”.

Extend a Volume With the CLI

Be sure that your openstack CLI is configured correctly, and that you have installed the latest version (at least version 5.5.0).

First, find the openstack id of the volume that you want to extend by checking the volume list.

openstack volume list

To extend the size of a volume, you will have to use at least the version 3.42 of the OpenStack API:

openstack --os-volume-api-version 3.42 volume set <your-volume-id> --size <size-in-GB>

Change the RAM/CPU for a VPS

Altering the RAM/CPU currently requires the usage of the openstack CLI.

Using the CLI, first list the different “flavors” offered.

openstack flavor list

Note the ID of the “flavor” you wish to apply to your VPS. Then run the below command, using the flavor_id you just obtained along with the server_name of your VPS.

openstack server resize --flavor {flavor_id} {server_name}

Lastly, wait a minute for the resize operation to complete, which will incur a reboot of the VPS.