How to Activate Your v4 Account in Gandi v5

The newest and current version of Gandi, referred to internally as V5, opened in 2018. These pages will help users of previous version of the Gandi website activate their old account in the newest version of Gandi.

Gandi V5 introduces several new features, such as the possibility to manage the products under many handles with the same login and password, or to allow teams with different permissions to manage domains, certificates, and hosting products.

The first time log into our new website (Gandi V5) with your old Gandi handle (following the format AB1234-GANDI), you will be asked to activate your account on the new platform.

The process will be slightly different based on which group you fall under:


After you activate your account, you will then always log into our new website using the new username and password that you chose during the activation process.

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