Frequent Questions: Account Management

Can I change the first and last name linked to my username/account?

No, it is not possible to change the first/last name of a personal account. This is why the fields are greyed out on the form.

If you need a username (personal account) with a different first and/or last name, you must make a new account with the correct information. You would then need to proceed with any owner changes, domain contact changes, or change in team members to “move” (or more correctly, change management or owner ship of) the products from one user (the one with the undesired information) to the new one (with the desired first/last name)

Forget your username or password?

If you forgot your username or password you can click on “Forgot Username or Password?” on the login page to reset your password. You will be asked to provide an email address. We will then send an email containing your username and a link to reset your password to that email.


To reset your password you must use the security email associated with your account. To read more about your security email please go here.

How can I deactivate TOTP, U2F, or IP restriction?

Did you loose access to your 2FA-device, or need your IP restriction removed but are locked out?

Please fill out this form, and send it to Gandi along with the required proof of ID as specified in the form’s instructions.

I get an error telling me my email address is already used, help!

An email address can only be used for one user account in #gandiV5. If you try to make a new account from your old Gandi handle, ant it tells you that the email address is already in use, you have two options:

  • If the given and family names are identical between the two accounts: we ask if you want to import the handle into the existing user’s account. This will effectively merge the two, so you can manage the products of both from the first username.
  • If the name is not the same between the two: you will need to change the email address of either the existing username from the #gandiV5 interface (see how to change your email address), or the email address on the Gandi handle of the 2nd account. The two accounts can not me merged, as since they are not the same name, it’s not the same person.

What is the correct postal code format?

The format of the postcode can vary according to the country, and must adhere to international rules, including spaces. The rules are available for consultation here

How can I change the language of my account?

To change the language of your account, you need to go to and select the language that you want to use in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Choosing the language of the interface using that menu will take preference over the choice of language in your user settings.

My new account is not compatible with my handle, why?

If you are trying to merge a handle into a Gandi v5 account and you’re told they are not compatible, this can be caused by one of the following situations:

  • Your handle corresponds to an individual (as opposed to a legal entity like a company, association or public body) with a different first name or last name than your Gandi v5 account. In this case, you will be asked to create a new account matching the handle’s information. If you want to manage all your products from one account, you may have to change the legal owner of some of your products.
  • Both your handle and your Gandi v5 account have a billing history. If you have bought Gandi products with both of them, you will not be able to import your handle into your v5 account. This is to preserve the potential advantages you may have been granted from your previous purchases at Gandi. If you still want to import your handle, please contact customer care.

How do I clear my cache and/or cookies?

There are many potential reasons why you may need to clear your web history, especially when working with our support team. The following list links you to the instruction page provided by each browser on how to clear your cache and cookies.