How to Activate Your Company Account in Gandi’s New Interface

Sometimes referred to as “migrating”, in order to view your products on our new website, you need to activate your account. This is done from the migration page.

This documentation refers to users migrating a company, public association, or other public body account. You can find documentation on migrating your individual account here.

You can also find a step by step walk through of this process here.

Enter Gandi Handle

On the Account Activation page, you will enter your classic Gandi handle (ex. AB1234-GANDI), and it’s corresponding password.

When done, click “Start” on the bottom of the page to continue to to the next step.

Activating a Company Account

When you are activating an account that corresponds to a company,association, or other public body, you have two steps to perform:

Step 1: Create Your Personal Account

You will now personalize your v5 login.

  • Choose a username: You are free to choose any username you want, as long as it is not already taken, and uses only letters, numbers, and the “_” character. This will be your login for our new website.

  • Choose a password: You will need to choose a password. This will not change the password of your classic Gandi handle. The password is for logging into our new website with the username that you chose.

  • Email Address: You can leave it as-is, or choose a new one for your personal account on our new website. Note that it will not update the email address of your classic Gandi handle.

Step 2: Create an “Organization” for the Owner

V5 separates your personal account (used to log into our website), and the company/association/public body that owns the products under your classic handle.

Because of this, you will be prompted to choose an “organization” name for the owner. We will use he name you provide to keep track of the company, association, or public body on our website, and you can change it later if you want.

To change the official owner name for the account, you must follow the owner change process.


When done, you will then log into our new website with the username and password that you chose. You will see the domains owned by the organization on your dashboard once you are logged into your personal account.