Frequent Questions about Migrating to Gandi V5

Why are corporations now treated differently from individuals?

Gandi products belonging to legal entities (companies, associations, or public bodies) are often managed by several people. All members of a hosting team may need to manage their servers, or someone in charge of domain management may need to change contact details, for example. Sharing a single login and password under these conditions can be a security risk. For these reasons, legal entities, called “organizations” in Gandi v5, are separated from user accounts. In the new system organizations can share limited access with other individual accounts. In this way, several people with their own account and password can access and manage the products of a single legal entity, each with their own level of authorization. When one of these people leaves the company, the directors of the company can safely revoke the rights of this person.

I have more than one classic account.

I have more than one personal account.

If you have more than one personal account, you will need to activate each of them individually. They will be merged with your v5 account if the first name, last name, and email match your existing V5 account. The rest of the data associated with the accounts will not prevent the merging of the accounts. You can initiate the migration for each account from our migration page.


In order to automatically merge your classic account with an existing Gandi V5 account the email addresses must match. Different email addresses will prompt you to create a new V5 account.

My new account is not compatible with my handle. Why?

If you are trying to merge a v4 handle into a v5 account and the system responds that they are not compatible, you may be in one of the following situations:

  • Your handle has a different name than your Gandi v5 account. In this case, you will be asked to create a new user corresponding to the handle data. If you want to manage all your products on one account, you may need to change the owner of some of your products.

  • Your v4 handle and your v5 account have a billing history. If you have purchased Gandi products with both, you will not be able to import your v4 handle into your v5 account. This is done in order to preserve any possible benefits that you may have been granted with regard to your previous purchase on Gandi. However, if you want to import your handle, please contact our support team.

I really want my incompatible handle merged into my account. What can I do?

If you really want to merge your v4 handle into your v5 account, you can initiate owner change operations from the classic site before importing your handle to v5. To do this, be sure to transfer ownership of the domain to the exact name and surname (or company if any) of your v5 account. If the first name and last name are already exactly the same, please contact our support team.

Can I import domains into an existing v5 account?

If the owner of the handle has the same first and last name (or corporate name for a legal entity) as the v5 account, then yes. Go to the account activation page and follow the steps.

I use a handle that is the administrative, technical, or financial contact of a domain. How can I migrate?

If your handle is not the owner of the domain, you will keep the same rights on Gandi v5 as you had on the classic site. The only difference is that you can group domain names by owner. The domain owner will be displayed as a handle if he has not yet activated his account on the new site, and by his username or organization if activation has been completed.

I activated my account but I do not see my domains. Why?

Several reasons may cause the absence of some of your products on the new site:

  • You have created an account on the new site but have not yet merged your handles to this account. You can import your handles to the new site by going to the account activation page and following the steps.

  • Missing products are linked to a handle that you have not yet activated. Remember to import all your handles by going to the account activation page and repeating the operation for each of your handles.

  • An alert is displayed on your dashboard about an error that occurred while importing one of your domains. We have an automatic procedure that identifies these exceptional errors. However, if you continue to see the error after 48 hours, please contact our support team.