Free 1-Year Standard Certificate

Every domain name or Simple Hosting instance you purchase from Gandi comes with a free 1-year standard SSL certificate.

These certificates can be created automatically or manually.

Automatic Creation

Certain operations you perform using your Gandi account will automatically generate a free SSL certificate. These include:

  • Creating a forward using an https address.
  • Creating a site on a Simple Hosting instance.

Manual Creation

You can also generate your free SSL certificate yourself using the normal order process for SSL Certificates.

For Sites Hosted on a Simple Hosting Instance

When prompted for the type of certificate select “Free.”

Once you have entered the correct common name, finish the order. The free SSL certificate will show a price of “0” in your cart.

For Sites Hosted Somewhere Else

Be careful to choose a standard, one address SSL certificate for one year. Complete the order as normal.

When you reach the checkout screen, the price listed will be 0.


If you have already received a free SSL for this domain, you will be charged the regular price.