Free 1-Year Standard Certificate

Every domain name or Simple Hosting instance you purchase from Gandi comes with a free 1-year standard SSL certificate.

These certificates can be created automatically or manually.

Automatic Creation

Certain operations you perform using your Gandi account will automatically generate a free SSL certificate. These include:

  • Creating a forward using an https address.
  • Creating a site on a Simple Hosting instance.

Manual Creation

You can also generate your free SSL certificate yourself using the normal order process for SSL Certificates.

Be careful to choose a standard, one address SSL certificate for a one year duration. Then follow the classic process to create the certificate.

When you will proceed to the checkout process, the price will be automatically switched to “0” in your cart (visible from Step 2 of the checkout process)

Note that if you have already received a free SSL for this domain, you will be charged the “normal” price.