How to Change Contact Information for an Organization

After logging in, click “Organizations” in the left sidebar to see a list of your organizations. Select the name of the organization you wish to update.

From there, you will see the organization’s admin page, where you can update the organization’s display name, email address, and even currency. For more information on the process for updating an email address with Gandi, see our page on changing your email address.

You can change the administrator of an organization by managing the members of the organization’s owner team.

Changing the Name of Your Organization

You can change the display name of your organization at any time, since this name is only used within your account. The official name of your organization, however, is listed with the registry and must be the organization’s legal name. If this is a business being conducted under an individual’s name, then it should be legal name of that individual. To change this name, additional steps are required.

If your organization has a legal change of name, or if the name of your organization is your personal name and your name has legally changed, you can submit a rectification request using this form. This form allows you to request to rectify your data, under article 16 of the GDPR. After you submit the form, we will contact you to explain how to provide the necessary documents proving the change.

Please note this form cannot be used to transfer ownership of your products to someone else. It can only be used where the owner is the same person or entity, albeit with a different name. To transfer your products to a new owner you, see our change owner section.