How to Move an Organization to a Different Personal Account

There may be situations where an organization needs to be removed from one personal account and attached to a different personal account. For example, the primary person managing the organization may leave the company. This can be accomplished by changing the members of the “Owner” team in the organization.

Every organization has an owner team, which is created automatically when an organization is created.

Members of the owner team can be made using the following steps:

  1. After logging in, click “Organizations” in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click on the name of the organization you want to edit.

  3. Click on the “Teams” tab.

  4. Click on the “Owner” team.

  5. Click “Add member”.

  6. Enter the Gandi Username or email address of the new member. If they do not already have a Gandi account they will receive an email prompting them to create one.

  7. Wait for the new owner to accept the invitation. They do this by clicking the link in the email they receive or by logging into their Gandi account and accepting the invitation. Do not remove the old owner from the personal account until after the new account has been confirmed, especially if the previous owner is the only member of the organization. This will allow the old owner to still have access to the account if something goes wrong with the invitation.

  8. Once the new owner has been added you can remove the old owner by returning to the owner team page and clicking the red trash icon next to the name to be removed. If you want the old owner to continue to have access to the organization with limited permissions you can invite them to a different team.`


The new owner must log in with their personal account before accepting the invitation. This will make sure the correct account is added to the team.


Once the original owner is removed, they will no longer have access to the affected organization or its products, unless they are invited to join a new team linked to the organization.